Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long Time No Blog

I have my tail between my legs as I write this post.  I have let my life get in the way of my blogging!  My job has been incredibly busy and I have been finding it hard to make time for shoots when I leave for the day and get home for the day without the presence of daylight.  

Now that things are starting to slow down a bit I am planning on picking up where I left off, as I have so many new things to share and new outfits to wear :)

I just wanted to drop by before work and let you know that I haven't forgotten about my little place in the blogosphere.

See you soon!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Green Scene

Sweater- JCPenny // Scarf- Anthropology (old), similar style here // Leggings- Forever21 // Boots- Dolce Vita, last seen here // Beanie- Asos

Monday, December 24, 2012


Jacket- Anthropology (old), similar here // Sweater- J.Crew // Dress- TJMax(recent), similar style here // Tights- J.Crew // Shoes- ASOS, last seen here // Bag- Asos

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve :)


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Teal Tuxedo

 Pants- Vince Camuto via TJMax // Shirt- Target, love this one // Shoes- ASOS, last seen here // Bag- J.Crew, last seen here // Necklace - Jewel Mint // Sunnies- Karen Walker

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bat Your Lashes

Sweater- Forever21 // Jeans- Forever21 // Boots- Dolce Vita (last seen here)

Happy Thursday :)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Street Style

Jeans-Asos // Sweater-Jcrew (old) // Vest- Old Navy (old) // Shoes- Vans

I have been commuting into the city a little over two weeks now, and let me tell you...  I have a whole newfound respect for people with hour + commutes to and from work each day.  It's not that I mind it, because I am lucky to have a job first of all, and that I can rely on public transportaion (train, bus, subway) to get places, but at the end of a long day when all you want to do is go home, knowing you have 2 hours ahead of you can feel exhausting.

I have noticed that being in the city has given me a whole new sense of inspiration when it comes to fashion.  Coming from D.C where everyone just sort of...wears the same thing in different variations (myself included), it has been refreshing seeing people push the envelope and wear things that the general public might not deem "cool," but well, I think they look fabulous.

Yesterday I rode the subway with an older woman, wearing a fur coat, jet black sequin leggings, black boots and bright red lips.  And she looked awesome! Different, but awesome.

Who is to say what is fashionably correct and what is not anyways?

So one of my many New Years Resolutions is to be unafraid of being different.  Chances are there are people out there who will truly appreciate it, and maybe even be inspired.  Thanks fur coat-sequin pant train lady :)


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Blog Name

Sweater- JCrew // Jeans- Asos // Shirt- JCPenny (recent) // Necklace- Bauble Bar // Shoes- Target (recent)

Well hello my lovelies!  Sorry I have been a bit MIA the past week, but as I promised in one of my previous posts I have started my new job and the balance between work and blog is certainly a focus.  I'm sitting down to finally put this post together while I wait for my french press coffee to brew, so I am pretty impressed with myself sans coffee.

Other than work, I have begun the search for the apartment.'s tiring both mentally 
an physically.  Why is New York so expensive? I know why, because it's the best city ever :) (besides Boston - Go Patriots <3 ) 

I guess it's times like these when my patience is tested, and I am not a patient person by nature.  When I want something I fixate on it almost obsessively until I get it.  Which is good when it comes to say, finding your dream job.  But not so good when it comes to saving up money and waiting for the perfect apartment to drop into your lap.  Right now I am totally hearing Jaffar's voice ringing in my head, "patience Eyago."  Aladdin? No? Don't get the reference...?

On to the topic of my blog name change.  I realize that this is not the best idea given I have been "promoting" my blog for about a month now.  But truth be told I have been thinking about doing it for a few weeks now.  I quickly realized that Blonde and Barefoot was (shock) not as original as I had hoped.  And so I started the daily ritual of thinking about a new name every free moment I would get.  On the subway, on the bus, on Metro North, walking to work, drinking coffee, and the list goes on.  Unfortunately all my supposed brilliant ideas I would scramble to type into the URL space on my phone, all turned out to be taken.  It's scary how so many thoughts are unoriginal these days.

Finally I threw my hands up and said, ok- my name is pretty original.  The spelling of my name is extra original, stumping school teachers and would-be friend alike since before I can remember.  So I talked it over with my mom and we decided it was fitting.  My first and middle name have always kind of come as a two for one deal, my grandma always calls me Kayce Jayne, my dad often times will opt for the first-middle combo....pretty much whenever someone is not mad or upset with me (which I hope is not that often) it's become a sort of term of endearment.  You all can call me Kayce Jayne too :)

And with that, I am off to funnel this cup of coffee and set off into the city for week two of my awesome job. More on that later...